Bondability of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) and beech wood (Fagus sylvatica) with polyvinyl acetate and polyurethane adhesives

  • Kamperidou Vasiliki
  • Barboutis Ioannis


In the previous years, black locust wood (Robinia pseudoacacia) has been participating in the European subsidizing programme of tree species cultivation, aiming in the establishing of new plantations in many European countries, therefore large quantities of this species is going to be harvested in the forthcoming years and the examination of its properties would be very crucial for future utilization. In the present research, the bondability of black locust wood is examined using two different adhesives, Polyvinyl acetate and Polyurethane and two different pressure levels. Beech wood is also included in the research for comparative reasons. According to the results, the shear bond strength of black locust wood was found to be satisfying, especially in the presence of Polyvinyl acetate adhesive and the less intensive pressure used during the specimens’ construction, although it was found lower compared to beech wood, referring both to Polyvinyl acetate and Polyurethane adhesive.


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