Energy gains of eucalyptus by torrefaction process


  • Erica Leonor Romão
  • Rosa Ana Conte



Biomass, Eucalyptus spp, pretreatment, thermal characterization, torrefaction


The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in the characteristics of Eucalyptus spp. from Paraíba Valley region, Sao Paulo - Brazil after torrification process. Torrification is a thermochemical process that occurs at temperatures lower than the pyrolysis process as a pretreatment to improve biomass characteristics for use as biofuel energy in power generation. An experimental study was carried out in a batch reactor at three temperatures (240 °C, 260 °C and 280 °C) with residence time of 30 and 60 minutes. At the indicated operating conditions by elemental analysis, higher heating value and thermogravimetric analysis were evaluated. Result showed that there was a reduction in the oxygen/carbon (O/C) and hydrogen/carbon (H/C) ratios, causing an increase in the thermal energy quality of torrified wood, about of 28 % and 47 % at temperatures of 260 °C with residence time of 60 minutes and 280 °C with 30 minutes, respectively. A thermogravimetric analysis showed that at 260 °C the hemicellulose was almost completely degraded leaving the fuel in better conditions for combustion or gasification processes.


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