Influence of harvest region on properties of cambará wood


  • Vinicius Borges de Moura Aquino
  • Tulio Hallak Panzera
  • Julio Cesar Molina
  • André Luis Christoforo
  • Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr


Density, Erisma uncinatum, mechanical properties, shrinkage, statistical analysis, timber structures


This research intends to evaluate the relation, aided by the Brazilian Standard ABNT NBR 7190 and statistical analysis (Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA and bootstrap technique), between physical and mechanical properties of Cambará-Rosa wood harvested from three different regions: Vera, Mucajaí and South Rondonia. In addition, the possibility to estimate (regression models) physical and mechanical properties in function of apparent density was analyzed. Different climate and soil conditions which tree thrives may influence its growth and, consequently, its properties values. The results of ANOVA indicated an elevated equivalence index for all three regions. The bootstrap technique led to similar results for Vera and Mucajai regions, and for South Rondonia region, equivalence index equals to 89 %. The ANOVA results to estimate physical and mechanical properties in function of apparent density indicated that it is not possible to perform such estimates for Cambará-Rosa wood species.


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