Determination of the strength performance of table frames


  • Igor Džinčić
  • Tanja Palija
  • Dragan Živanić
  • Vojislav Dacić



Durability, joints, screws, tables, withdrawal strengths


The objective of this study was to investigate relation of diameter of pilot hole and screw, and machining accuracy on withdrawal strengths of the screws and durability of the dining tables. For this purpose, fasteners and material types on the failure loads of dining table corner joints have been analyzed experimentally and statistically. Double ended thread bolts with different drilling regimes have been used as fastener types. Parallel investigation of rigidity and durability of tables, according to the current EN norms, and withdrawal capacities in accordance with the procedures described in ISO 9087 was performed. According to the results, it is concluded that the diameter of the drilled hole significantly influences the value of the withdrawal strengths of the screws. By analyzing the effect of drilling diameter on rigidity of tables, a statistically significant difference was determined. As the drilling diameter increases, the rigidity of the examined dining tables decreases.


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