Liquid water absorption in coated norway spruce: Impact of heartwood, sapwood, density and weather exposure


  • Tinh Sjökvist
  • Åsa Blom
  • Sheikh Ali Ahmed


Alkyd, acrylic, coating permeability, linseed oil, moisture content, Picea abies


Water is one of the most significant factors for the durability of wood. A common solution is to use a coating to protect and maintain low water content. However, little knowledge exists how the underlying wood substrate affects the water sorption of coated wood. Therefore, the liquid water absorption of coated and uncoated Norway spruce heartwood and sapwood with a variety of densities was measured by letting the panels float freely in the water. The effect of one year weathering of the coatings was also included.
Coated heartwood and sapwood had no difference in water absorption in opposite to uncoated spruce. The influence of heartwood and sapwood seemed to have limited impact when a coating hindered the presence of free water. Wood density had a positive effect on the absorption of coated wood, i.e. low absorption for low-density samples, in opposite to uncoated samples. Low-density characteristic also contributed to a lower increase of water absorption after weather degradation, for samples with water-borne coatings. Natural weathering enhanced the effect of wood characteristics on coated samples, likely by an increase of coating permeability.


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