Bending moment resistance of t-type joints reinforced with basalt and glass woven fabric materials


  • Abdurrahman Karaman


Basalt woven fabric, bending moment resistance, glass woven fabric, two-pin dowel joint, wooden dowel


This study investigated the bending moment resistance of T-type, two-pin dowel joints connected with Scotch pine dowel (Pinus slyvestris), beech dowel (Fagus orientalis), chestnut dowel (Castanea sativa) and oak dowel (Quercus petraea) and reinforced with basalt and glass woven fabric. The tests was carried out to determine the bending moment resistance of dowel joints. As a result of bending test, it was determined that one layer and two surfaces the reinforce with fiber woven fabrics increases the mechanical performance of furniture fasteners according to obtained data from tests conducted on the T-type, two pin dowel joints. The test samples prepared from the oak wooden give the higher moment values than the beech wooden. This study showed that the joining with the oak dowel was 13 % higher than the beech dowel, 32 % the chestnut dowel, and 43 % higher than the Scotch pine dowel (for the bending moment resistance), respectively. According to the bending moment resistance of the samples reinforced by fiber woven fabrics. The highest bending moment resistance value was obtained in the test specimens of reinforced with the basalt woven fabric, the lowest bending moment resistance value was obtained in the test specimens not reinforced (Control). In general, it was determined that the wood species by 3 %, wooden dowel species by 43 %, and fiber woven fabric types by 72 % have been effects on the results of the bending tests.


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