Model to assess energy consumption in industrial lumber kilns


  • Diego Miguel Elustondo
  • Luiz Oliveira


Conventional kiln, lumber drying, mathematical model, energy effi ciency, heat losses.


In this work, a kiln energy model was developed with the main objective of assessing energy con-sumption in industrial lumber kilns. The model simulates kiln energy consumption on the basis of a simplifi ed description of kiln technologies, energy systems and lumber characteristics, and it requires a minimum set of empirical parameters that are calibrated in practice. In this study, the model calibration was performed for a laboratory scale conventional kiln and three experimental drying runs of 50 mm thick spruce-pine lumber. The results of this study illustrate how the kiln energy model is calibrated, compares experimental and simulated MC, energy and water consumption, and describes how the model simulates different components of energy consumption that can be used to evaluate potential energy saving strategies.


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Elustondo, D. M., & Oliveira, L. (2014). Model to assess energy consumption in industrial lumber kilns. Maderas-Cienc Tecnol, 11(1), 33–46. Retrieved from




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