Veneer block conditioning manual for veneer and plywood production


  • H. Peter Steinhagen University of Bío-Bío


veneer, heat conditioned, conditioning times


Veneer blocks are heat-conditioned in water or steam in an effort to plasticize (“soften”) the wood. When a sufficiently heated block is cut into veneer, the veneer will bend over the lathe’s knife without splitting. This leads to improved volume recovery as the greatest conditioning benefit. Since conditioning adds to the production cost, a site-specific economic analysis will be necessary to determine profit margins.

This manual is based on selected literature sources. It briefly addresses the cost/benefit of block conditioning, heat-conditioning systems, energy demand, target temperatures, and conditioning times.


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H. Peter Steinhagen, University of Bío-Bío

Past visiting Professor at the Wood Engineering Department, University of Bío-Bío, Concepción. Chile.

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