Studies On The Loss Of Gloss Of Shellac And Polyurethane Finishes Exposed To Uv


  • Mili Ghosh
  • Sachin Gupta
  • V.S. Kishan Kumar


eucalyptus, gloss, polyurethane, shellac, ultraviolet


Wood finishes protect the surface of wood from external agents, enhance its looks and improve its gloss (luster). On constant external exposure, UV rays gradually degrade the film coating resulting in loss of gloss. In this study, two commonly used finishes namely spirit shellac and polyurethane finish were used to investigate the pattern of loss of gloss due to UV interference. Two coatings of polyurethane (PU) and spirit shellac finish were applied on the surface of eucalyptus samples. The gloss levels of these and unfinished samples were monitored for different times of exposure of them to UV light. Gloss was measured at 600 gloss head using a Tri micro gloss meter regularly for 20 hours durations of UV exposure. Observations and analysis revealed that the natural gloss of uncoated samples of eucalyptus were least affected on UV exposure with only 8,3%-10% loss in gloss. The PU and shellac coated surfaces also showed  very little reduction in gloss (6,9%-15,4%) most of which happened in the first 40 hours of exposure. Thus both the finishes in this study were found effective to a good extent in maintaining the gloss of the finished surface against exposure to UV light.


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