CO2 adsorption on agricultural biomass combustion ashes


  • Sebastián Lira-Zúñiga
  • César Sáez-Navarrete
  • Leonardo Rodríguez-Córdova
  • Leandro Herrera-Zeppelin
  • Ronaldo Herrera-Urbina


Bottom ash, CO2 capture, fly ash, pellet, wheat bran.


Carbon capture and storage has become an alternative means of confronting global warming. Further research and development into adequate and low-cost materials is required for CO2 adsorption technologies.

Samples of fly ash, bottom ash and their respective pellets, produced from wheat bran combustion, were characterized and tested to assess their capacity for CO2 adsorption at different temperatures. Neither the ashes nor their pellets were subject to prior thermochemical activation.

The bottom ash sample and its pellets showed a higher adsorption capacity for the majority of the temperatures studied. The pelletized bottom ash reached the maximum adsorption capacity (0,07 mmol CO2/g), followed by the non-pelletized bottom ash (0,06 mmol CO2/g); both at an adsorption temperature of 25°C.

CO2 adsorption of bottom ash, from the combustion of wheat bran (agricultural biomass), by a physical adsorption mechanism was demonstrated whereas with the fly ash sample, CO2 adsorption by both physical and chemical adsorption mechanisms was identified.


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