Valorization of Cistus ladanifer and Erica arborea shrubs for fuel: Wood and bark thermal characterization


  • Paula Carrión-Prieto
  • Pablo Martín-Ramos
  • Salvador Hernández-Navarro
  • Luis F. Sánchez-Sastre
  • José L. Marcos-Robles
  • Jesús Martín-Gil


Ash content, biomass resources, gum rockrose, heating values, tree heath


As a form of upgraded biomass characterized by its high energy density, low production costs, and low process energy requirements, wood pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel allowing for carbon neutral heating with high energy efficiency. In this work, the suitability of a valorization of the woods from the two most representative shrub species from the Iberian Peninsula (namely Cistus ladanifer and Erica arborea) for heating has been assessed. Whereas Erica arborea met the requirements of ISO 17225-2:2014 for ENplus-B class (the calorific content for both wood and bark was high and not significantly different, and the ash content was permissible for specimens with branch diameter ≥2,8 cm), Cistus ladanifer was in the limit of the normative and only met the requirements in terms of acceptable ash percentage (1,9%) and heating value (19 kJ·g-1) for old specimens with branch diameters >3,4 cm. Consequently, while the harvest of E. arborea for its use as fuel does not need to be selective, that of C. ladanifer should be limited to the most robust specimens and foliage should be avoided.



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