Energy efficiency performance enhancement of industrial conventional wood drying kiln by adding forced ventilation and waste heat recovery system: a comparative study


  • Yang Meng
  • Guangyuan Chen
  • Gonghua Hong
  • Mingjie Wang
  • Jianmin Gao
  • Yao Chen


Drying, energy conservation, shell and tube exchanger, waste heat, wood


Conventional kilns dominate the wood drying industry. However, energy consumption during the process of ventilation remains a significant challenge. In this study, we designed a device to recover waste heat from exhausted wet air during kiln drying. To determine energy conservation, the device was installed in a 50 m3 kiln used for drying sawn timber in two different Chinese cities, and a traditional kiln with identical size was chosen to enable comparison. Two kinds of hardwood (Betula costata Trautv and Quercus mongolica) swan timbers were dried using conventional technology to investigate the energy saving effect of rainy seasons as well as seasonally different temperature. The results revealed that drying time and energy consumption decreased with the use of this energy-conserving device. Electrical and energy consumption were reduced by 18.9% and 38.5%, respectively. Waste heat recovery efficiencies ranged from 20.32% to 28.15%. Energy-conservation efficiency can be predicted to range from 12.23% to 22.74% annually. Equipment costs can be recovered within 3.5 years.


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