The influence of ultraviolet radiation on the colour of thermo-mechanically modified beech and oak wood


  • Agnieszka Laskowska


Chromatic coordinates, densification, Fagus sylvatica, lightness, Quercus robur


The study examined the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the colour of thermo-mechanically modified beech (Fagus sylvatica ) and oak (Quercus robur). The wood colour parameters were measured using the mathematical CIE L*a*b* and L*C*h colour space models. The higher the temperature of thermo-mechanical treatment, the least susceptible beech and oak wood was to a change in L*, a* and b* under the influence of light irradiation. The greatest changes in the colour of non-densified and densified beech and oak wood occurred after 20 h of light irradiation. The higher the temperature of thermo-mechanical treatment, the smaller were the total changes in the colour of beech and oak wood under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The total changes in the colour of beech densified at temperatures of 100°C and 150°C that took place under the influence of ultraviolet radiation were twice as high as in the case of densified oak wood. The colour of oak wood modified at a temperature of 200°C did not change significantly in 300 h of light irradiation.


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