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Published: 2014-12-24

Runoff characteristics in forest plots before and after wood ash fertilization

Avelino Núñez-Delgado, Francisco Quiroga-Lago, Benedicto Soto-González


Searching for material symmetries in the burr wood of thuja by a direct contact ultrasonic method on spherical samples

Mohammed El Mouridi, Thierry Laurent, Loïc Brancheriau, Olivier Arnould, Abderrahim Famiri, Abdelillah Hakam, Joseph Gril


Lignocellulosic composites from brazilian giant bamboo (Guadua magna). Part 2: Properties of cement and gypsum bonded particleboards

Priscila C. de Araújo, Larissa M. Arruda, Cláudio H. S. Del Menezzi, Divino E. Teixeira, Mário R. de Souza


The effect of aging on element plant availability and bacterial counts of mixtures of wood ash and sewage sludge

Yudani Pousada-Ferradás, Socorro Seoane-Labandeira, Miguel Blanco, Avelino Núñez-Delgado


Timber management practices and timber species used by small scale furniture workshops in Uganda

O. E. Sseremba, J. R. S. Kaboggoza, N. Y. Ziraba, P. Mugabi, A. Y. Banana, A. Zziwa, R. K. Kambugu, S. Kizito, A. Syofuna, J. Ndawula