Wood thermodegradation: experimental analysis and modeling of mass loss kinetics


  • A. Pétrissans
  • R. Younsi
  • M. Chaouch
  • P. Gérardin
  • M. Pétrissans


heat treatment, modeling, reaction kinetics, thermodegradation, wood


In this study, heat treatment was carried out in a relatively low temperature (230˚C). Mass loss kinetics was studied using equipment, specially conceived to measure sample’s mass during the thermal treatment. Laboratory experiments were performed for heating rates of 1˚C min-1. Mathematical model for kinetics of pyrolysis process was used and validated. During the pyrolysis of dry wood samples under inert atmosphere, measurements of temperature distribution and dynamic weight loss were performed. Five different wood species Fagus sylvatica (Beech), Populus nigra (Poplar), Fraxinus excelsior (Ash), Pinus sylvestris (Pine) and Abies pectinata (Silver Fir) were investigated. The unsteady-state mathematical model equations were solved numerically using the commercial package Femlab 2.0. A detailed discussion of the computational model and the solution algorithm is given. The validity of different model assumptions was analyzed. Experimental results were compared with those calculated by the model. Acceptable agreement was achieved.


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Pétrissans, A., Younsi, R., Chaouch, M., Gérardin, P., & Pétrissans, M. (2014). Wood thermodegradation: experimental analysis and modeling of mass loss kinetics. Maderas. Ciencia Y Tecnología, 16(2), 133–148. Retrieved from https://revistas.ubiobio.cl/index.php/MCT/article/view/1152