Property characterization of chusquea culeou, a bamboo growing in Chile


  • Hernán Poblete
  • Héctor Cuevas
  • Juan E. Diaz-Vaz


Chusquea culeou, bamboo, mechanical properties, chemical properties.


Property characterization of Chusquea culeou Desv. (colihue), a bamboo growing in Chile, was conducted. Physical, chemical and mechanical properties were determined as a function of plant dia-meter, position in culm length and nodal or internodal sections. The results show that fi bre length increased from the base to the top of the culms. Differences in the fi bre length between nodes and internodes were observed. In the internodes higher moisture con-tent, lower specifi c gravity and lower extractive content were also found.  Extracts and ash content in the samples tested were higher than those determined for commercial Chilean woods. Hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin proportion indicate that the colihue could be used as raw material for pulp and paper production. The measured mechanical properties (bending strength, compression, hardness, shear strength) are higher than those of poplar wood but lower than radiata pine growing in Chile.


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Poblete, H., Cuevas, H., & E. Diaz-Vaz, J. (2014). Property characterization of chusquea culeou, a bamboo growing in Chile. Maderas-Cienc Tecnol, 11(2), 129–138. Retrieved from




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