NIR spectroscopy can evaluate the crystallinity and the tensile and burst strengths of nanocellulosic films


  • Lívia Cássia Viana
  • Graciela Ines Bolzon de Muniz
  • Paulo Ricardo Gherardi Hein
  • Washington Luiz Esteves Magalhães
  • Mayara Elita Carneiro


Crystallinity index, mechanical properties, nanocellulose, NIRS, Pinus sp.


The near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy presents itself as an interesting non-destructive test tool as it enables a fast, simple and reliable way for characterizing large samplings of biological materials in a short period of time. This work aimed to establish multivariate models to estimate the crystallinity indices and tensile and burst strength of cellulosic and nanocellulosic films through NIR spectroscopy. NIR spectra were recorded from the films before tensile and bursting strength, and crystallinity tests. Spectral information were correlated with reference values obtained by laboratory procedures through partial least square regression (PLS-R). The PLS-R model for estimating the crystallinity index presented a coefficient of determination in cross-validation (R2cv) of 0,94 and the ratio of performance to deviation (RPD) was 3,77. The mechanical properties of the films presented a high correlation with the NIR spectra: R2p = 0,85 (RPD = 2,23) for tensile and R2p = 0,93 (RPD = 3,40) for burst strength. The statistics associated to the models presented have shown that the NIR spectroscopy has the potential to estimate the crystallinity index and resistance properties of cellulose and nanocellulose films on in-line monitoring systems.


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