Investigations on the sorption behaviour of selected wood species from cameroon


  • Peter Niemz
  • Jacques Michel Njankouo
  • Marco Torres
  • Erik Valentine Bachtiar



African wood species, Cameroon, chemical composition, equilibrium moisture content, sorption


The sorption isotherms during adsorption and desorption of 25 wood species from Cameroon (included 3 species from plantation in Togo) were determined. In addition, the chemical compositions of these wood species were tested. The equilibrium moisture contents in a normal climate varied between 10,55 % and 15,6 %. A clear influence of the proportion of extractives can be seen. The maximum differences between adsorption and desorption varied between 2,3 % and 3,6 %.


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Niemz, P. ., Njankouo, J. M. ., Torres, M. ., & Bachtiar, E. V. . (2022). Investigations on the sorption behaviour of selected wood species from cameroon. Maderas-Cienc Tecnol, 24, 1–10.