Using acoustic testing to estimate strength and stiffness of wood-polymer composites


  • Éverton Hillig
  • Ignacio Bobadilla
  • Francisco Arriaga
  • Guillermo Íñiguez-González



Cocos nucifera, Pinus taeda, stress wave, ultrasound wave, wood-plastic materials


This study used non-destructive testing with ultrasonic and stress wave propagation to evaluate bending strength and stiffness of wood-polymer composites. Twelve composite plate products were produced with different formulations of polymer matrix (high- and low-density polyethylene and polypropylene) and type and proportion of flour (coconut shell and wood). Mechanical and acoustic properties were influenced primarily by the type of matrix used in the composite. The greater the proportion of wood and coconut shell flour the higher the wave propagation velocity, stiffness, and strength. We found a correlation between mechanical properties (strength and stiffness) and wave velocity and stiffness coefficient. We also present linear regression equations of the stiffness and strength of the specimen as a function of wave velocity and stiffness coefficient obtained through non-destructive testing. For polypropylene and high-density polyethylene matrix composites, the stiffness coefficient provided a better estimate of stiffness, while for low-density polyethylene the wave velocity provided better results.


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Hillig, Éverton ., Bobadilla, I. ., Arriaga, F. ., & Íñiguez-González, G. . (2023). Using acoustic testing to estimate strength and stiffness of wood-polymer composites . Maderas-Cienc Tecnol, 26, 1–16.




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