Wood-based panels industry in turkey: future raw material challenges and suggestions


  • Hasan Tezcan Yıldırım
  • Zeki Candan
  • Süleyman Korkut


wood based panels industry, forest industry, forest products, forest products policy, forest villagers


World production of wood based panel has grown from 63,1 million cubic meters in 2005 to 75,5 million m3 in 2009, a 12 million m3 rise in production. China is the world’s largest wood based panel’s manufacturer. The Turkish wood based panels industry has shown a tendency of fluctuating during this time. Turkey, as the world’s 4th largest producer of wood based panels, is an important contributor to the industry. Turkey has made great strides in the last 20 years in the forest products industry. Both the development of new materials and techniques of domestic and international market demand have played a decisive role. Turkey’s wood panel production has gone from 100000 m3 in the early 2000s, to 5,5 million m³ of production in 2010. The sector’s total production capacity is approximately 9 million m³. The results obtained thus far indicate that the Turkish wood based panel industry demand for raw material is not being met by the GDF’s chip wood fiber production. Where the raw material supply problem in the industry, as well as the problems encountered in the forest and on the basis of the villagers living adjacent to, not to the time of product problems related to storage and transportation of raw materials and other related problems are bottlenecks. We examine problems related to the provision of raw materials and raw materials research, the need for future estimates of the level at which the world and close to the periphery countries will be examined, wood composite panel production and trade policy recommendations will be developed.


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Tezcan Yıldırım, H., Candan, Z., & Korkut, S. (2014). Wood-based panels industry in turkey: future raw material challenges and suggestions. Maderas-Cienc Tecnol, 16(2), 175–186. Retrieved from https://revistas.ubiobio.cl/index.php/MCT/article/view/1155




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