Characterisation of lignins isolated from bamboo organosolv and kraft black liquor


  • Nusirat Aderinsola Sadiku
  • Abdulazeez Faruq Yusuph



Bamboo, Bambusa vulgaris, filtration capacity, guaiacyl-syringyl units, low molecular, weight lignin, total dissolve solid


Bamboo biomass was pulped using organosolv methods: Acetic acid and formic acid; hydrogen peroxide and formic acid; ethanol and water and kraft process with varying concentrations of the cooking chemicals. The properties of the isolated lignin were influenced by the black liquor pH as well as the pulping method. Highest pH (12,8) was recorded for kraft at 70:30 liquor concentration while lowest pH of 2,5 was recorded for both Aceticformic (70:30) and Ethanol/water (70:30 and 60:40). There were obvious differences in the characteristic colours, shapes and sizes of the lignin samples. Bamboo kraft lignin samples formed large pieces much easier than that of Organosolv. Aceticformic (70:30) had the best filteration properties (FC) while Ethanol/water had the poorest. Generally, kraft recorded the highest lignin yield while all the organosolv processes recorded reduced yield. Highest yield (119,25 g/L) was gotten from kraft (50:50) while Peroxyformic (60:40) had the lowest yield of 8,20 g/L. The results showed that higher liquor pH favours total dissolved solid as well as lignin precipitation. As the pH increases, total dissolved solid, yield, Klason and low molecular weight (LMW) lignin content increases while FC decreases. The Klason and LMW lignin content increased with incresing lignin yield.


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