Physical and mechanical properties of juvenile wood from Neolamarckia cadamba planted in west Malaysia

  • Siti Zalifah Mahmud
  • Rokiah Hashim
  • Abdul Hamid Saleh
  • Othman Sulaiman
  • Nur Izzaati Saharudin
  • Mohamad Lokmal Ngah
  • Khairul Masseat
  • Hamdan Husain
Keywords: Density, kelempayan, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture, moisture content, shrinkage, swelling.


Juvenile Neolamarckia cadamba or kelempayan tree has been harvested from forest plantation and converted into sawn timber. Some basic properties of timber such as physical and mechanical were determined from different parts of the tree namely lower, center and upper. The physical properties were evaluated. The mechanical properties were conducted using small test clear specimens. The results indicated that the physical and mechanical properties of the lower portion of the trunk were significantly superior compared to the upper portion of the trunk. The investigation revealed that the wood be able to use as a substitute material of the furniture components after some modification undertaken on its properties.


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Zalifah Mahmud, S., Hashim, R., Hamid Saleh, A., Sulaiman, O., Izzaati Saharudin, N., Lokmal Ngah, M., Masseat, K., & Husain, H. (1). Physical and mechanical properties of juvenile wood from Neolamarckia cadamba planted in west Malaysia. Maderas. Ciencia Y Tecnología, 19(2), 225-238. Retrieved from

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